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health of your pet's Bones and Teeth

Bad breath, smelly mouths, brown stained teeth and red irritated gums are all signs that your pet may be suffering from dental disease.

Dental Disease is a serious issue;
  • Apart from the smell, the bacteria associated with dental disease is very harmful to your pet.
  • Just like your teeth, your pet's teeth can go rotten from lack of cleaning
  • Pets can only clean their teeth by chewing. Raw marrow bones are the best, followed by dry food, raw chicken wings or necks and specially formulated dental dry food. Dental chews are also beneficial.
  • Despite the owner’s best intentions, some pets will just not chew properly and their teeth deteriorate rapidly.
  • To avoid dental disease, have your pet’s teeth checked regularly.

If necessary we can anaesthetize your pet, electronically scale off the plaque, remove any rotten teeth and polish them up to return them to a healthy, nice-smelling state! We perform dental treatments daily and the owners are delighted with the result. Many comment on how it rapidly improves their pet’s enjoyment with life.

Osteoarthritis is not just a winter problem! Older dogs and generally large breed dogs suffer all year round and benefit from continual medication and simple home treatments.

If your dog is slow on exercise, reluctant to jump onto the sofa or into the car or is less interested in walking, then arthritis may be the cause.

  • Arthritis suffers should sleep inside on soft warm material. If they must be outside, then the bed should be elevated above the cold floor, such as a trampoline bed.
  • Walks should be kept regular and short. Over-exercising will make sore joints even worse!
  • Simple lifestyle treatments may not be good enough, in that case there is a huge range of excellent, safe medications available that can make your pet move more freely and comfortably.
  • Arthitis Medications can be given by injection, tablet form and even in nutritional supplements and prescription diet food.

If you pet is suffering from Osteoarthitis, let us assess your pet and develop a programme, incorporating a combination of the above, to keep them moving and as pain free as possible.

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