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Preventative Medicine

Prevention through medicine and being proactive is the key to maintaining good health and maximising the longevity of your pets. There are lots of things to keep an eye out for, so we've compiled some common conditions to keep in mind, and some simple solutions.

This is by no means exhaustive and should merely be used as a guide. If any you have any concerns, do not hesitate to ring us and we can help you with diagnosing and treating any irritations, illnesses, or injuries.

Keeping costs down

If you keep these points in mind, you’re helping to keep your pet out of harms way, which means happier pets and happier wallets.

Sometimes however unavoidable problems or accidents arise, like a torn ligament or a broken bone, and these could cost thousands of dollars to repair, which is why Pet Insurance continues to rise in popularity.

Many companies offer insurance to cover for unexpected illnesses and accidents for your pet. Generally, those that have taken out policies are happy with them.  If you would like to know about insurance for your pet our nurses can advise you of policies available and general conditions that apply to them.

For detailed information regarding care and illness conditions, see the link below;

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